Presentation of the secUnity Roadmap at the European Commission

The roadmap "Cybersecurity Research: Challenges and Course of Action", which is being developed under the coordination of secUnity, was presented beforehand to the Directorate Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity (DG CNECT) in November. The official release of the roadmap will take place on 5th February 2019 in Brussels at the Representation of the State of Hesse to the EU.

The secUnity representatives Jörn Müller-Quade (KIT, KASTEL) and Michael Kreutzer (Fraunhofer SIT, CRISP) presented a preliminary, consolidated draft of the roadmap "Cybersecurity Research: Challenges and Course of Action" at a workshop at DG CNECT on 7th November 2018. They discussed selected topics of the roadmap with representatives of DG CNECT and debated on differing scientific and political perspectives on research questions on quantifiable security and new approaches in usability research. They also talked about possible assessments of the scientific background of necessary political decisions in the areas of networks and artificial intelligence. Moreover, they addressed the difficulty of finding measurable contexts for the progress in digitalisation. The workshop was organized by Martin Übelhör (DG CNECT Dir H1.) and secUnity.

The about 25 authors are distinguished scientists from academic and industrial research from many European countries. The secUnity Roadmap examines 15 future challenges of IT security research and outlines possible solutions.